Blackstaff’s Book of Bloodlines

Blackstaff’s Book of Bloodlines presents 31 new archetypes for the sorcerer class, each with tailored spells to add depth and flavor to your game experience – for a total of 126 new spells.

In the pages of this book, you will discover the secrets of the sorcerous origins, from bloodlines that carry magic to strange influences, magical experimentation, and even curses.

Alchemical Bloodline – Magical experimentation manifesting in personal power, alchemical sorcerers leave nothing to chance, infusing themselves with magic.  

Arcane Bloodline – The Weave itself is woven into the being of these adepts.

Avian Galecaster – Bonded to the skies, Avian Galecasters have a dark connection to the winds of death. 

Battlemind – Psychically endowed with tactical acumen and limited precognition, Battleminds have a gift for combat.

Ceremorphosis Bloodline – Failed Illithid implantation has left these sorcerers with alien thought and strange psychic powers.

Conjurer of the Waves – Born to water, these sorcerers are infused with the power of the oceans.

Cosmic Bloodline – The endless void of the heavens fuels the magic of these magicians.

Cursed Bloodline – Cursed for generations, these casters have learned to share their ill fortune with those around them.

Elemental Enchanter – Conduits to the elemental planes, Elemental Enchanters draw forth these untamed sources to shape their magic.  

Erythrocyte Bloodline – Magic is in their blood… literally.

Eye Tyrant Bloodline – The product of a fevered dream of a beholder, Eye Tyrant sorcerers exhibit characteristics of their aberrant progenitor.

Fey Diviner – Touched by fey magic, these sorcerers draw from the Feywild for inspiration. 

Fiend Bloodline – The blood of the lower planes courses through these sorcerers in ways more subtle than mere flesh can tell.

Ghost Bloodline – The embrace of death mere breath away, these sorcerers command the abilities of the shades they are becoming. 

Hatred-Driven – Within a deep well of hatred and anger sorcery can, and does, manifest.

Kinetic Mind – Generating psychic abilities of motion and force, the Kinetic Mind is the master of inertia. 

Lich Bloodline – By accident, or design, the presence of a lich has irrevocably altered the nature of these sorcerers and bound them to the endless existence of undeath.

Mechanus-Born – The universe is bound by order and rules that these sorcerers can innately manipulate.

Medusa Bloodline – The legendary Medusa’s cruel curse infuses her descendants, but they have turned this divine punishment to power.

Mistborn Bloodline – Traversing the Mists of Ravenloft have forever changed these sorcerers to command the very Mists themselves.

Moontouched Magic – Inextricably connected to the lunar cycle, the Moontouched share the night with the Lycanthropes.

Nomad Mind – Powerfully psychic, the nomad mind is a wanderer without limit, always in motion, and never fettered.

Prophetic Soul – Blessed by destiny, these sorcerers can bend fate to their will.

Raven Queen’s Beloved – Being the favored of the Dark Lady of Loss has its rewards…

Sanguiraptor Bloodline – Unique amongst magic-users, these sorcerers can mimic or borrow abilities from other creatures.

Scaled Bloodline – The serpent folk ruled the Faerun in ancient empires long before most other beings discovered civilization, and their legacy brings power.

Solar Bloodline – Gifted with flight and fire, these sorcerers are a marvel to behold.

Spellfire Wielder – Among the rarest and most sought-after powers, your gift brings eternal flight as the tyrants of Faerun seek to steal your abilities.

Twin Bloodline – Linked to their counterparts, twin sorcerers share power with others to benefit all. 

Vampire Bloodline – Vampirism is carried in the blood and makes a natural, or unnatural, pairing with sorcery if embraced to its fullest.  

Wildheart Bloodline – Blurring the lines between druidic and arcane magic, Wildheart sorcerers are creatures of nature to their core.




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