Draconick just shared: “State of the Dragon #149”

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PATREON: This Saturday will be the second Saturday of the week, so that’s means a patron live chat! Join me on the 10th at noon EST for that.

STREAMING: Last week we did our TTRPG writing stream on Monday, played some FTL on Tuesday, and on Friday pulled a last minute pivot from Minecraft to VtM: Bloodhunt because the closed alpha was only running for a little while. It was a lot of fun, and I wish I could play more, but we’ll have to wait for when/if they open it back up again. This week, we have our TTRPG writing stream on Monday, and on Tuesday we’re playing Tonight We Riot, which I’m super looking forward to. On Friday, we’ll be picking back up with Minecraft as promised. If you want to see the schedule in full, go here: https://twitter.com/DraconickGaming/status/1411791928354512897

All that aside, I mentioned the possibility of locking Tuesday streams in as a consistent thing, and while we *are* doing another Tuesday stream in the same slot, I’m not sold on it yet as *the* time. I think I’m more interested in just getting a third consistent stream time slot, but I’ll probably play around with where (and what) that is in the coming weeks. Ideally, I’ll also be looking to do more collaborative streams in the future, but I’m still figuring out how I want to go about that exactly. If you have thoughts on any of that, do let me know!

DISCORD: Honestly, not much to report here just yet. I’m considering restructuring some of the channels so that people can more easily get the sort of experience they want out of it. Currently, the thinking is to maybe create a few new channels, and then use the role self-add to allow people to opt in and out of certain categories based on the type of content that may or may not interest them. At the moment though, I don’t know exactly how I want the new structure to go, or even if it’s a good idea necessarily, so I’ll likely try to figure that out sometime this week, with an eye towards implementing it in the next few weeks. All I can really say is, be on the lookout for it, and hopefully this serves a s a forewarning of changes when/if they come. As always feedback is welcome if you have any thoughts about this! https://discord.gg/ajpksPF

SATAN PAY MY RENT!: Okay, so last week’s TTRPG writing stream saw some edits to this, and I think I’ll probably go back in again, tighten it up with a little extra polish, and re-release it as a 2.0 version. While I’m at it, it’ll likely be accompanied by a printer-friendly version, because I know the white text on black background is *rough* for people looking to play it physically, and probably not great for readability for some (I find light text on dark background to create less eye strain, but I’ll wager others feel differently.) I also wrote up an official adventure for Satan Pay My Rent! in anticipation of The Dracula Jam (https://itch.io/jam/the-dracula-jam). So I’ll be putting that out alongside the updated version of the game. I’m not sure yet how I want to distribute that though. One the one hand, I see the benefit of including a playable scenario alongside the core rules, so I might roll it in as an add alongside it. On the other hand, releasing the adventure separately is good so that it doesn’t bloat the document’s page count, and as a struggling indie creator, having another product to put up for sale is never a bad thing. I’ll put some thought into it this week, but the goal is to have the updated game and scenario (which also still needs edits) both out by the weekend. I’m unsure if I’ll get there, so it may push into next week, but I may just focus it down and knock it out. That’s the current plan!

RPG Writer Workshop: This launched the past week, and I’m once again an instructor for the course. I’m also part of the Call of Cthulhu specific track of the course, so I expect some spookiness. Looking forward to seeing what all comes out of it!

OTHER PROJECTS: Tide Breaker is on deck, but I can’t start edits for that just yet, so we’re in waiting. I may instead chip away at the anonymous bigger project I’ve got, and I probably should, because I usually let it intimidate me and put it off to work on other things. I’d like to go hard on that this week, but we’ll see. I’ve also become really taken with a project idea this past week that came out of nowhere. While I’m really not sure another new project is the best for me, I’m definitely interested in pursuing it, and it hits that sweet spot of “moderate length” that I feel many of my other ideas don’t (either being too long or too short.) So we’ll see if we can squeeze that in after knocking out some other work, and progressing on a commission or two. But hey, I finished out one commission last week, so that’s off my plate and giving me a bit more breathing room.

PERSONAL LIFE AND GAMING:  Session 0 got pushed off, so we’re hoping to get something else scheduled. Currently looking like conflicts are going to be a thing again, so this may float a bit. I think I’ll likely pursue some other gaming as well, and I do feel a bit more confident in actually finding something. On a personal note, I’m just trying to keep my head down a bit for now. If I’m being honest, I’m not really happy with my living situation currently, but I’m not in a position to do much about it. I’m fine, but it’s been weighing on me a bit currently. I doubt that’ll get sorted any time soon though, so there’s nothing for it but to press on.

Alright, we’ll wrap it up there. While it won’t always be possible, I’m going to due to the nature of the things I do (NDAs, plans up in the air that rely on others, etc.) I’m going to *try* to be more concrete about what is happening, because I do feel like I can sometimes be a bit vague here, and I want to remedy that a bit. Anyway, I hope you like what we’ve got coming. Take care, and have a wonderful week!


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