GLORANTHA: Underwater Quest

WARNING: this product requires the usage of the classic RuneQuest: The Gateway Bestiary supplement, available here:

“…Another famous quest was when Orlanth sought Daliath’s Well of Wisdom. He fought […] the outer guardians […and…] succeeded in gaining a sip of the sacred drink from Daliath which brought him access to true Wisdom…”

(Deities of Air, The Glorantha Sourcebook)

Adventurers able to manage this story will have a chance to emulate such quest!

GLORANTHA: Underwater Quest is an adventure for RuneQuest: Roleplaying in Glorantha in which a group of Sartarites are required by their community to obtain Daliath’s Wisdom in order to discriminate the magically-disguised spies which Delecti the Necromancer installed inside Heortlings’ courts.

In the first part adventure hooks are provided in order to engage the characters, together with background information for the gamemaster to use while the secrets of the story unfold. The second part includes a map of the flooded dungeon in which Daliath’s sacred water can be found, populated with the descriptions of the related encounters.

Can be used as a sequel of GLORANTHA: A Trek in the Marsh (not mandatory, but possible)

From the same author of bestelling Glorantha: The Search for the Throne of Colymar and Glorantha: Rivers of Blood.

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