Mimics and the Temple of Semi-Doom : A Mimic Madness Story

Join a cast of four mimics, chaotic clergy, gods and godesses, and a whole lot of crazy in this short story set in the world of Mimic Madness, the role playing game with teeth.  

Four mimics are tasked by Mother Chaos( the goddess of chaos, uncertainty, and left elbows) to enter the ancient and dangerous Temple of Wannahockaluigi to steal a golden idol.  But things that should be long dead are waking inside the Temple.  Things that mimics should know better than to interfere with.  (But when has that ever stopped a squad of hungry, blood lusting blob-monsters?  Never, that’s when!)

Gods! Mummies with Dreadlocks! Scorpions! Magic Portals!  Love and Romance*!  Sand.  Doors.  Walls.  This story has it all!  Buy it now!

(*Except the love stuff.  That’s just a shameless marketing ploy to get people to buy this thing.  We are not above cheap marketing.)

This product is priced at $2.00


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