Magento’s Marvellous Waxworks


Welcome to Magento’s Marvellous Waxworks, a premium adventure module for a party of 3-5 players of 1st-level that will see the PCs reach 3rd- or even 4th-level by its conclusion. A single purchase of the adventure provides complete digital versions for 5th Edition, Pathfinder RPG 1 (coming soon!), and Pathfinder RPG 2 (coming soon!).

   The adventure tells the strange and whimsical tale of a prolific sculptor whose waxwork creations come alive and turn on him. It opens with the PCs attending an exclusive masquerade ball—either as guests or ‘the help’—that is beset by bizarre wax sculptures of exotic animals which have inexplicably come to life. It then sees them journey to the strange waxwork museum of the sculptures’ eccentric creator, Magento Baronus, before finally tracing the origins of the mysterious material to a nearby warehouse where the PCs are able to resolve the curious case of the wacky wax once and for all.

 At a glance, Magento’s Marvellous Waxworks is…

  • …An unforgettable, one-of-a-kind adventure with high production values
  • …Chock full of gorgeous illustrations and detailed maps, all exquisitely presented
  • …Complete with comprehensive appendices that take a deep dive into the living wax that features so prominently throughout the adventure, including guidelines for making original waxwork sculpts or converting existing creatures
  • …Inclusive of statistical information for 34 characters and creatures that feature throughout the adventure

Your digital purchase of Magento’s Marvellous Waxworks includes the following items:

  • A 56-page adventure in Premium and Printer-friendly PDF formats.
  • Both PDFs (Premium and Printer-friendly) for 5th EditionPathfinder RPG 1 (coming soon!), and Pathfinder RPG 2 (coming soon!) game systems.
  • Digital adventure assets (maps, artwork, etc) that can be printed or uploaded to any virtual tabletop software.
  • A license key that will allow you to unlock the adventure’s premium content module on Foundry VTT*. This module has been built from the ground up to take full advantage of the platform and leverage its capabilities to deliver the best virtual experience possible.

* Please be aware that in order to activate and use your Foundry content, you will need a Foundry VTT account and access to the software.


This product is priced at $9.99


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