Class: The Expert

A framework for skilled, smart characters

In the Player’s Handbook the super-skilled character is the rogue. But what if you don’t want the sneaky, stabby, highly mobile aspects baked in? This is a class that will handle a range of characters based on professional skills — blacksmiths, boaters, entertainers, merchants, healers, scholars, detectives…

The common thread is that they use their understanding of the world, wits, and resourcefulness to steer toward their goals. They can hold their own or even take the lead in the investigation phases of an adventure. In combat they take more of a support role, spotting opportunities and aiding their comrades.

Rather than having separate archetypes, there’s a single set of features with flexibility in mind. Pick a Profession at 1st level, and use that to guide your choices and framing as you go through.

(Note: this class is mostly about resourcefulness and using opportunities cleverly, and if your group is all about massive damage and wacky spells it might not be right for you.)


Tim Gray is a TTRPG creator and freelancer who publishes on DriveThru as Silver Branch Games.

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