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Hello! We are Ty and Felicia. We are a husband and wife team based out of Tennessee USA. We have always loved creating together. Ty has been 3D modelling since 2018 with a background in physical sculpting. We started when we found there to be a lack of figures available for our own homebrew Tabletop RPG. We created Dark Fire Designs to be able to provide others with access to 3D Printable Miniatures for Tabletop RPGs, Wargaming, and Dioramas!

Hey folks, been a rough couple of weeks modelling these rebellious scrappers.

Included in this month’s release are:

A U-Wing, 10 modular Rebel Pathfinder Kits, as well as 11 miniatures, and tons of weapon, head, and accessory choices. The U-wing has a fully playable interior, and the wings articulate. It is also officially the longest model I have designed to date at 22 inches long (when the wings are closed)

I really tried to go above and beyond for you guys as a show of gratitude for your overwhelming support.

I have been going non-stop for about two months now, and plan on taking a little break tonight, so apologies if I don’t answer any messages until I get a full night of sleep.

The Monthly Release – July:

– Alliance Dropship
– Alliance Pathfinders 
– Alien Alliance Pathfinders

The Welcome Pack: 

– 5 “Bad Bunch” Heroes each with 3 poses! (15 models total)
– 1 “Small Green Master” Hero with 3 poses!
– 5 “Republic Trooper Medics” (6 models)


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