1000 Stories – Supplement 1 – Conflicts and Competition

This booklet is a supplement for the 1000 Stories role-playing game. That book is required to actually play the game. This supplement introduces options for using opposed rolls to determine the outcome of events that pit characters against each other. 

Like the core rules, everything is meant to be light on rules and intuitive. It is designed with classroom use in mind. The sections include:

  • Opposed Attempts
  • Considering the Level of Detail
  • More About Bonuses and Penalties
  • Setting the Scene
  • Interpretting Results of Opposed Attempts
  • Dealing With Injury
  • Player aid cards summing up Opposed Attempts

A section is also included to address how or if physcial conflicts should be included in Stories for the classroom.

If you paid for the original 1000 Stories booklet, please download this one for free. If you got the original free, please consider paying a small amount to help support this ongoing project for using RPGs in school.

You can find the core rules for 1000 Stories here.

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