Advanced Animated Dungeon Maps: Versatile Dungeon

Versatile Dungeon

This is an .MP4 video battlemap compatible with any RPG game. The easiest way to use it is to play it on a TV laid flat on top of a low table – 40” TV would be the perfect fit for the gridded versions of my maps (but there’s always gridless versions for other TV sizes). You can also use a projector or VTT like Roll20. 

I decided to try to make a map that could be used to make any map for a quick dungeon encounter. Here’s the result of my experiments. There is a base layer and 15 props to close any passages with them, here’s how they fit:


FULL HD animated map in MP4 format (1920x1080px) with a 1inch square grid overlay (plus gridless version)
Still images of this map in JPG format (72dpi)


PNG Props

This product is priced at $9.90


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