Avinku (Birdkin) Races

Have you ever looked at Tengu and thought to yourself – crows are cool, but what about all the other birds out there?

What would it be like to play as a different avian? What would they be like? Surely with the limitless variety found in birds, there are many fascinating characters to be found!

The Trenchcoat Kobold has prepared five separate bird races ready for playing in any Pathfinder 1e campaign at your DM’s discretion, or for DMs crafting new interesting NPCs! Each race has full stats for using as player races comparative to those of core rulebook power levels, plus some info on their behavior and personalities, all organized smoothly for easy perusal. There’s also a sheet of notes on their racial language!

-Kupikatt (Goose)
-Kupiara (Albatross)
-Kupiki (Shearwater)
-Kupihihidada (Honeycreeper)
-Kupidalilin (Owl)

Luck be with you on your travels, and may the dice ever roll in your favor!

~The Trenchcoat Kobold

*Pathfinder 1e compatible. Not endorsed by or affiliated with Paizo Publishing.

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