Crumbling Ravine (40×40)

“You stand on the southern ridge of a dusty gully blinded by a river reflecting a million suns in your direction. A well worn path snakes along the decomposing slope to the base of the ravine, about a hundred feet below.”

This is a 40×40 (100ppi) digital map (grid and no grid options) of a crumbling ravine with a river at the bottom.  This can be used as a random encounter or part of a wilderness adventure.  The varied elevation and flowing river both provide environmental hazards to make for a more engaging encounter. A few trees and rocks allow for ambushes, stealth options, and cover.

The map is listed as ‘Pay What You Want’ to keep gaming accessible, but if you can afford it please consider supporting us!  Your donation allows us to make more content and provide better artwork.

This map comes in a gridded and gridless option.  A narration quote, along with optional environmental threat rules, can be found on the Stone Claw Games webstie. We provide weekly maps, encounters, creatures, and player content.  

This map was created using Dungeondraft and Forgotten Adventures assets.

This product is priced at $1.00


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