Cthulian Words: Random Word Tables to Level-up Your RPG

Are you a GM, looking for a quick and simple way to make any horror RPG session more frightening, disgusting or engaging for your players? Well, good news… You can! The best way to improve any horror RPG is to improve your narration skills as a GM. And the fastest way to do that is with this book.

Unlike other resources which try to teach you plot mechanics or storytelling techniques—skills which are important but take a long time to develop—this resource is something you can use immediately. You see, this little book contains hundreds of incredibly descriptive “horror words”, organized into dozens of tables which can instantly improve your descriptions of the people, places and creatures in your game.

Can substituting a few words really make that big of a difference? Well, let’s see…Imagine telling your players, “You see a very thin and sickly looking old man, walking slowly toward you across the graveyard.” Now imagine telling them instead, “You see a rawboned and pallid old man lurching toward you across the graveyard.” Wasn’t that second description more creepy and visual?

Or you could say, “As the monster wraps a huge, wet tentacle around your neck, you try to stand but keep slipping in its large, shiny puddle of drool.” Or instead you could say, “As the misshapen behemoth wraps a bulging, clammy tentacle around your neck, you try to stand but keep slipping in its frothy, glistening puddle of drool.” Doesn’t that second description sound ten times more visceral?

In each case, the only differences were a few easy-to-implement word substitutions. And if you agree using the right words makes a big difference, then you’re going to love this book. Inside you’ll find dedicated tables for characters, locations and creatures, as well as sounds, smells, tastes, textures and more. For details, please check out the publisher’s video!

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