Industrial District Ganger Hideout 1080p – Cyberpunk Animated Battle Map

“There’s an old run-down warehouse that’s falling apart towards the south-west of industrial that’s been turned into a large weapon shipping operation by a group of gangers… I need the compound securing so we can send in the trucks to “buy” those weapons, if you catch my drift. Here’s the data shard with the location and details so make sure you’re packing heat”.

Industrial District Ganger Hideout HD – 1920×1080 Resolution

  • 16x Animated Gridded and Gridless Map in 1080p MP4 format.
  • 16x Static Gridded and Gridless Room Maps in 1080p JPG format.
  • 4x Static Gridless Full Maps in 4k JPG format.
  • 4x Theatre of the mind images.
  • 13x Animated Gridless Map in WebM format at 1920×1080 resolution for VTT use.

This product is priced at $4.99


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