Map Pack: Failed Pharaoh’s Pyramid

Rising more than 300 feet above the desert floor, the black stone of the Failed Pharaoh’s Pyramid tower over even the nearby cliffs. Only the enormous statues that stand silent guard around it amount to more than ants in its presence. Nearby a small village, mostly taken over by excavators, historians, and explorers hustle busily while a few desert nomads have set up camp on the cliffs, overlooking the area. And inside lurks an ancient threat, waiting to be unleashed.

Included in this map pack you’ll find the following for use in your games:

  • One page (Pathfinder 2, though usable for all systems) description of the Failed Pharaoh’s Pyramid, including a unique CR 8 Flesh Golem, the Failed Pharaoh.
  • Two maps, one with dots and one without that allow you to use the Failed Pharaoh’s Pyramid both in and out of combat scenarios. The map sizes are 4961 x 3508 px.

For Creators:

This map pack comes with a license so that you can use the maps in your own products, without the need for royalties. 2 licenses are included, a long-form one, and a short-form one that boils it all down.

This product is priced at $1.95


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