Roaring 20’s Femme Fatale Generator

Femme Fatale, vamp, maneater, siren, temptress. An attractive and seductive woman who is likely to cause distress or disaster to a man who becomes involved with her. In the pulp world of the roaring 20’s, women found new power and freedom to vote, claim birth control, experiment with speakeasies, and dress wildly with the newest dances. Scorned by conservatives and discovered by the press, some of these colorful women want nothing less than to realize the full extend of their newfound influence and power.

This system-agnostic roleplaying product can quickly give you millions of different combinations to generate interesting and dangerous women. Built for the Roaring 20s genre of games (like Gangbusters, Call of Cthulhu, Pulp Hero, Justice Inc., etc.), this set of nine tables lets you create a dangerous dame or bad broad with a quickly generated background and history, and enough details to catch the attention of any male set before her. While we touch on their physicality, this product is about building characters that players can interact with, and not two-dimensional eye candy. Out of respect for female players, we have also tried to use genre-specific phrases and avoid sexist terms, even as we acknowledge the relentless sexuality of the situation.

This set of 9 tables requires twenty sided dice (1d20) and ten sided dice (1d10) to use.

This product works smoothly with other D10 Dimensions products: 100 Items in a Femme Fatale’s Purse (this product will allow you to easily accessorize any dame you generate), or 100 Reasons to Be Committed in the 19th Century Vol 1 and 2.

Example (Generated from random rolls from this product in paragraph form):

This dame was raised in Ireland, and her mum taught her how to be a femme fatale on purpose. She came to the United States to avoid her mother’s reputation and become a treasure hunter. She trained and developed skills by day as a teacher while she studied the criminal underworld by night. Still young and new to the game, she’s begun to seduce and trick men into parting with their wealth (she’s got a stack of bank shares and an aging would-be boyfriend has a cabin she uses as storage and a safehouse). She has a weakness for hard liquor (thanks to her folks) and a relentless thug / admirer who is attracted to her long shapely legs. To address these problems, she’s befriended a factory worker who helps her when she runs into trouble. She gains subtle attention with her green eye shadow that offsets her red hair and ruby red lips.

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