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And welcome to our project!

This project was intended as a personal thing that escalated quickly to a more ambitious thing, we finally decided to offer our STL files in this Kickstarter project.


There are no Stretch Goals and all is Unlocked since the beginning. So… you will have a whole army with 6 factions and a big big bunch of miniatures, the most of them modular miniatures, for a small amount of money. We consider this a great offer and basicly a gift. The only thing to do, is to reach the most people we can along the campaign to assure the funding goal is reached and surpassed. Tell it to everyone that could be interested in it and surely this will be funded.

So firstly, before thinking the funding goal is high, take a look to the price of each pledge and think this is a possible goal to reach if every one cooperates making difussion of this project.

If this project does not get funded, don’t worry, we are not worried about it too, because all will be available physically in our etsy’s online store (as we said before) at a nice prices and with some periodic offers:

Said this, we hope you like our collection!

Now the list of miniatures of our collection (see below, this is what you will receive)

Thanks for reading

FIles on Google Drive. Named: Kickstarter Ravenous Hordes


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