V20 Classical Age – Kindred Mythology

In a classic decadent world, where the power of faith increasingly gives way to Christianity, vampires must learn to adapt. The gods are still among us. Some of them truly powerful. Others, a fake. But history cannot be erased and immortals are the greatest example of living history. If you want to survive the impact of the ages, you need to know your tools. You need to adapt and understand the new times, gain knowledge and understand where the true potential of the ancient Cainites can go.

Immortal Mythology includes:

  • Toughts about religion, myths and cultures during classical antiquity and how they relate to the Cainites;
  • Introduction of vampires to ancient greece, rome, nordic, egyptian myths, studies on Nodism and the beginning of immortal times;
  • More than 10 detailed mythical characters for your chronicles and how to use them in your chronicles;
  • New Discipline effects from 7-9, used by the mighty Elders and Methuselahs in times of need, a new Background, Derangements, Ability, plus new Merits and Flaws;
  • Narrative resources to interpret Elders, Methuselahs, with ways to introduce them and use them in your chronicles;

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