Anti Cleric Class; The Blasphemous

A wrinkled old man, who calmly comes out of the darkness, raises his walking stick to the sky, while the shadows behind him begin to surround him and a daring creature takes shape. Everyone who saw him began to tremble in horror.

A halfling, who looks around as if to say that he will not harm anyone, suddenly shouts the innkeeper’s name, and the innkeeper collapses to the ground with foams spurting from his mouth.

An elf, who enters the church with his bare body as if disrespecting the gods, throws the book in his hand towards the altar and begins to move towards the altar itself, spewing flames to those around him.

Wider the pantheons of the realms, the more varied the strengths of those who make it their duty to stand before them. The fact that the gods take their power from believers raises the following questions on the minds of some; Are the gods parasitic, powering over mortals?

Can Divine Spells Be Stolen from Gods?

Those who define themselves as Blasphemous know that Divine spells cannot be stolen from the gods, because the gods steal this power from their believers. Can something stolen be stolen again? A Blasphemous prefers to use only the power of his own faith and chooses to strengthen his own self rather than empowering parasites.

At 1st level, you choose a domain shaped by the choice of your lifestyle and the gifts they grant you. You can choose;

  • Apostate Blasphemy Domain
  • Cryptidolog Blasphemy Domain
  • Malignant Blasphemy Domain
  • Scholar Blasphemy Domain

Your choice grants you domain spells and other features when you choose it at 1st level.

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