Guild Adventures! Orc Invasion (Digital Book)

Enjoy a Play by Action gamebook on your iPhone, iPad, Android, or even on your laptop. Simply flip the pages with the swipe of your finger. After purchasing this book, you will receive an authentic id and link to the flipbook to start your game.

Guild Adventures! Orc Invasion is a gamebook using a classic sword & sorcery story. You will need a 6-sided die and a pencil with an eraser to play this game.

Inside this pdf download:

– A link to the digital book to play.

– An authentic id password to access the digital flipbook. 

Inside the digital flipbook:

– You can choose from 18 unique pre-made adventurers.

– The digital version gameplay is interlinked after each action for your convenience.

– There are over 200 beautifully drawn illustrations by various professional artists.

– There are only 2-pages of rules that will help you engage in the game in less than a few minutes.

– You can play over and over and have a different result each time.

– You can print out the character sheets individually.

– There is a dice chart to use in case you don’t have dice handy for the game.

– You can turn off the flip sound when turning pages.

– You can download the book in pdf format.

The story so far: You are a loyal Bavidirian and defender of these lands that you rightfully believe belongs to Lord Denonimas ruler of the Bavidirian Empire. The Empire will never bow down to orcs or any foul creatures trying to take and claim that is rightfully human territory. You are to defend Rondor at all costs against orc invasions and ensure safe passage to those that come to and from the town’s main gates. To do that you must confront the champion and the leader of the Green Claw Clan!  


This product is priced at $9.99


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