Down the Rat Hole

How would you like to shrink down and venture inside a rat burrow?

This mystical adventure lets the party explore the unique wonders and dangers of a rat burrow built beneath a tavern. A patron of the establishment tasks the party to recover her lost ring. One of those pesky rats snatched it last night and dragged it into its burrow. Desperately to get her possession back she approaches the party for help. Will they accept and brave the dangers of this tiny dungeon?

The party must face different perils in this alien world. In there, brute strength might not always be the best choice. The adventure favors clever and strategic play and rewards the “first observe then act” type of approach, ideal for a party of low levels with limited magic tools at their disposal.

After passing the boss of the dungeon the party must face one last danger. They have to cross the busy tavern floor in their tiny forms to reach the quest giver again who promised to turn them back to their old selves once the ring is returned.

Down the Rat Hole is the first adventure released by Adventure Bundles. We are content creators for 5e and release monthly adventures and encounters for it. 

With this adventure you get:

  • Adventure PDF
  • jpgs of the dungeon map in many formats for online play
  • printable PDF with many versions of the map(grid, gridless, printer friendly)
  • 2 items as printable item cards

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