Fishing Village Battlemaps & Scenery

The small fishing village lies on the banks of a fast-flowing river, consisting of only a few houses. The houses are protected from the front by the river and a 10-meter-high rock wall from the back. Along the river, a peaceful road leads into the woods. On the other side of the village, there is a series of stairs carved into the rock which leads to the top of the cliff. Upstairs an ancient monument with a massive statue forming a hooded human figure awaits, surrounded by dense forest.

This package contains both battlemaps and sceneries to give you the full immersion in the locations that we create at RPGScenery

  • Each battlemap and scenery has five different variations (day, night, rainy, snowy, misc).
  • The grid size is 5*5 ft (140x140px)
  • The map size is 6720*3780
  • The resolution of a scenery image is 3840*2160
  • The extension is .jpg

This product is priced at $4.99


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