Lion Tower Miniatures – The Adventurers Guild just shared: “ANNOUNCMENT – Changes incoming – let me know what you think please!”

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I’m one of a handful of early adopters who will be using it on launch, and my plan is to halt Patreon and switch over 100% to the MMF platform – hopefully having a captive audience and being on there from the start will allow me to raise my subscription numbers making use of the 4500 followers I have on MMF. 

I’ll be having a run through of the current iteration of the system shortly and I’ll let you all know what cool features you can expect to see.  I’m also trying to work out if there is a way that I can offer you all a reduced buy in price for following me over and signing up.  Failing that I’ll have an opening week Founder tier and I would LOVE to see you all on there!

Now this isn’t MMF+ or anything related to it – it is basically Patreon again but on MMF allowing you to sub directly to your favourite artists and get their monthly content for a subscription price.

The other change that will come with this move will be the Merchant Tier.  Currently I offer Merchants full access to the back catalogue and the subscription fee covers the licence to print on a monthly basis.  After the move I will move to a monthly “you get all the models for that month with a lifetime licence”.  

I will gift all current merchants a lifetime licence for all models that they currently have.  I’ve requested MMF add a commercial licence purchase option on the store which will allow purchase of previous content with the lifetime commercial licence too so new merchants will be able to buy previous sets or even single figures.

Those of you with annual Patreon memberships will be manually transferred across to MMF by me so you will continue to get the monthly downloads for the full duration of your membership.

One final and more immediate change – This launch has been delayed and was originally due to go live on 1st July.  The Lion Tribe set was going to be my launch theme on MMF, so I’m going to postpone it and use it in August instead.  I’ve decided to expand the Heroes of the Dale set out this month so I’ve made an elderly blind ranger who uses his woodland pals to assist him – the Owl in particular helps him to find his mark with every arrow that leaves his bow!  I call him “Monty”

Next up will be an Assassin nemesis for Drizzle!  Who else do you want to join this set?    

I’m only making this change as I believe it is not only the best thing for me and will allow me to reduce the number of platforms I am working across and be more effective in what I’m doing.  I also believe that it is an inevitability that more and more STL Patreons will be going this way and I’d like to be at the leading edge of this movement.  Please let me know any thoughts or concerns in the comments and I’ll do my best to put you all at ease!




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