Not Another Monster Quest Volume 1: Kobolds, Goblins & Bugbears

The world of Dungeons & Dragons has so many fascinating creatures to explore and interact with, but more often than not, those creatures labeled as “monstrous” are seen as nothing more than a bag of experience points for adventurers to carve through in their quest to further expand and explore the world around them. Very rarely are these creatures presented in a positive light, and even more rarely as individuals with their own stories to tell. This disconnect is further widened by the ability for players to create characters from these so called “monstrous” races, often labeling player characters as “outcasts” or individuals who were able to “break free” of their monstrous origins and find a more civilized way of being. 

With Not Another Monster Quest, we seek to showcase these “monstrous” races in a wide spectrum of colors and personality types, not just automatically quantifying them as evil because of how they look or their background. “Evil” is not something that should be prescribed to an entire race of beings with a handful of them, usually player characters, being quantified as “good.” Just as in our world, theirs is filled with people of every size, shape, color, class, and creed, and that should not be dictated by the ancestry that they were born into. In these pages you will find cozy kobold merchants, goofy goblin miners, and a whole host of bugbear buddies to help enrich your world and stories. So, we invite you to turn the page, and step into a world filled with possibilities and wonder, as we break the mold, delving further into how we define these “monstrous” characters.

Spread of 5 pages from NAMQ Volume #1

A Plethora of Content for Even The Most Seasoned Adventurers! Help a bugbear open an inn! Track an old witch’s runaway hut! Buy fireworks from a cat-loving goblin! With over 88 pages of content, Not Another Monster Quest is jam packed full of adventures, encounters and NPCs for your players to experience. 

  • 4 adventures ranging from Tier 1 to Tier 3.

  • 8 NPCs each with their own rich history and backstory for your players to befriend or earn their ire.

  • 16 colorful encounters ranging from exploration to social and combat. There is something for everyone.

  • Also included, 17 pieces of original artwork and maps 

Lead Designers: Brittney Hay and Cameron Day 

Designers: Alex Niederberger, Anthony Joyce, Bob Carnicom, Erin Tierney, Fabby Garza, Ginger, Grady Wang, H.R. Bumga, Jacob Slone, Katie Van Munster, Lydia Van Hoy, Sebrina Calkins, Sven Truckenbrodt, Thai Williams, Tineke Bolleman, and Tully R. Gibney 

Editors: Ashton Duncan, Brittney Hay, Dare Hickman, David Markiwsky, Noah Grand, and Sam Hope 

Copy Editor: Kathleen Harrington 

Art Direction & Graphic Design: Gordon McAlpin 

Cover Art: Sariel Snowings 

Interior Art: Brittany Lindstrom, Cindy Butor, Kael McDonald, Katie Van Munster, Lessie NievesPaugh, Matthew Stirling, Paola Harris, Sariel Snowings, and Ymia 

Cartography: Alex Niederberger and Elven Tower Cartography 

Sensitivity Readers: Dare Hickman, Haven Viewegh and Lydia Van Hoy

This product is priced at $19.95


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