NPC Generator – DM Screen (for 5th edition) v.2.0

NPC generator – DM screen for D&D 5e

If you’re a frequent DM like myself, you’ve definitely run into the problem of needing to create NPCs on the fly.

Yes, there are certainly different methods for solving this problem.

However, I’ve always wanted to have a handy NPC generator close at hand.

Today I’d like to share with you the second version (updated, as a result of your comments on the last one) NPC generator – DM screen for D&D 5e

+ New Art on the outside of the screen to refresh the experience for the players!

Pages from 1 to 4 – component parts of the outer picture, glued / inserted from the outside of the screen.

Pages from 5 to 8 – tables for DM, glued / attached from the inside of the screen.


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