Pirate Battlemap Bundle


Land ho!!! Wit’ese maps, the beautiful shers of the Jeronian Sea finally be within yer grasp. Will ye reach out, and take ‘er riches fer ye’self? Er will ye let ‘er slip tru yer fingers like the sands o’ Halok’s Bay? ‘Tis up to ye, doe it do seem wise te make use o’ what yer shellin’ out fer!

Greetings fellow RPG lover! If it’s a pirate adventure you seek, then look no further. This pirate battlemap bundle will set you up with everything you need to begin your most Bootylicious campaign yet! This bundle features a Starter Town/Inn, A Multi-Leveled Ship, and a Secret Pirate Lair! The possibilities are endless! Pair with our other tropical maps for an even more vibrant adventure!

This map pack includes 6 high-quality JPEG images in the following variants:

Mos Haranja, The Drowner’s Hatch, Sojourn’s Wake | gridded and gridless | 70 PPI

NOTE: 70 PPI is the optimal resolution for use with Roll 20.

This map pack and the maps within are for personal use only.

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