Seraglio of the Scorpion Sultana

As the Blood Mists recede, an immortal evil returns from the nightmares of antiquity to dominate the world anew. She is Fahrah, Sultana of Etamrah, and by her command the barren desert known as the Iron Wastes grows daily, consuming the Ravenlands whole. Soon nothing will remain but a parched wilderness in which she is the undisputed ruler.

Seraglio of the Scorpion Sultana is a Free League Workshop compendium for Forbidden Lands which provides expanded rules for adventuring in fantastical desert environments. Designed to bring the thrill of the swords and sandals genre to your table, it includes:

✥    Seraglio of the Scorpion Sultana, the titular adventure site of the Iron Wastes.

✥    Eighteen original desert-themed encounters.

✥    Seven new artifacts to plunder.

✥    Supplemental rules for desert travel, including adjusted tables for finding the way, foraging, and hunting.

✥    Three new monsters and twelve new animals.

✥    Over 60 pages of original content.

 Can you foil the Sultana’s sinister plans, or will you be content plundering the treasures of the desert? Either way, adventure and peril await you in the Seraglio of the Scorpion Sultana!

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