The Adventuring Company Sheet

Your character sheet’s a great place to track your own characteristics and possessions, but you don’t adventure alone – where do you track the stuff that pertains to your group rather than one individual? Enter The Adventuring Company Sheet, designed to track your group treasure, quests, equipment, and more! The Adventuring Company Sheet has been built from the ground up to allow you to track and manage your party as a whole, and features areas to track:

  • Your monetary wealth
  • Your group treasure
  • Your equipment, with dedicated spaces to track torches and healer’s kits, and two other write-in resources like food, water, health potions or…whatever’s useful to your group!
  • Up to three passive skills for the group
  • The current date
  • Your default watch rota when camping in the dungeon or wilderness
  • Your party’s members, as well as their vision capabilities
  • Your party’s default marching order
  • Quests, rumours, and leads you’ve accrued
  • Allies, enemies, and other notable NPCs you’ve met and want to keep track of
  • The proficiencies and languages your group possesses (“Hey, who knows Waste Speech? Says here someone does. Read this scroll!”)

The Adventuring Company Sheet is designed primarily for player use, but the space for tracking proficiencies and passive skills, marching orders and watch rotas also make it a valuable tool for GMs behind the screen. And it’s free!

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