The Heist of the Mad King’s Jewel

“The job is simple. You go in, get the big rock, and get the hell outta there. Sure, they might have security, and of course, the bank is not your run-of-the-mill building, but we’re paying you good money for this, so you better deliver accordingly. Look, I can only help you so much, but there are a few guys who might be of further use. Talk to my good buddy Zryx down in the Pit, he’s been known to be a good networking guy, a people person if you will. Who knows, if he likes you, you might even get some perks. If you don’t get along with goblins, and I can’t blame you, then give a shout to some of the comrades from the ‘Scarves. It might get a bit political, but they’re your guys for any necessary division of the authorities’ attention. Though I’d you’d rather avoid dealing with the less savory types, then I guess you always have the cops and the Secret Service… can’t recommend them in good faith, but you do you, buddy. Now, don’t be stupid when it comes to the actual job. Try and get as much Intel as you can. I’ve heard some rumblings of certain officials’ children running wild in the city, and even disgruntled Moscopolites looking to hit back at the establishment by giving away secrets. Can’t say anything for sure, my rates are probably higher than you can afford anyway, but take this advice to heart: PLAN WELL! You’re a good kid but don’t try and do everything on your own. Maybe get a few compadres, get down to the Rusty Pick, and mull it over with a few pints. Just don’t go too wild, there has been some talk of people losing their minds around the place. Gossip if you ask me, but just in case. Anyway, I gotta go drop off this waste and manage it further. A final word of wisdom, don’t trust anyone in this city. What do you mean what about me? Of course, you can, it’s those other guys who are liars. Trust me.” 

The Heist of the Mad King’s Jewel is a novel take on the tabletop RPG formula. It is compatible with the D&D 5E system and places its ideas in an overcrowded steampunk city brimming with class, ethnic and interpersonal tensions. Big ideas, strong personalities, and rival interests clash daily in Moscopolis, the Jewel of the Far North, seeking to establish dominance over the city. The players are thrust into this environment and tasked to rob a bank. There is only one catch; It’s one of the most secure places conceived by man or gnome alike. The players will be spicing up the already boiling cauldron that is Moscopolis, with their own brand of chaos. We wish you the best of luck adventurers and may fortune be ever in your favor!

  • A unique story in a rarely seen genre – steampunk heist campaign, with a heavy focus on stealthpreparations, and intel gathering 
  •  A plethora of sidequests – should you seek respite from the main plot, or just some advantage for your plan, we’ve got you covered; from various odd jobs for the city’s numerous factions to murder mysteries, to matchmaking, there is something for everyone
  •  New exciting subclasses  apart from providing suggestions as to how to adapt the flavor of some of the existing classes, we will be including 2 new subclasses (Saboteur and College of Diplomacy) for the rogue and bard
  •  New magic and non-magic items – more than a dozen new magic and non-magic items await in the city of Moscopolis
  •  New feats and backgrounds – add an extra touch of steampunk flair to your characters with feats and backgrounds written specifically for the adventure’s backdrop
  •  Large and complex final dungeon – the adventure culminates in the bank robbery, supporting multiple play-styles, from slipping in and out without ever being seen to running in guns blazing and slaughtering everyone in your path 
  •  A grand escape – the heist is not the end, however; you still have to deliver the goods and skip town, with possibly hundreds of police officers on your tail 
  •  Form a group of specialists – everyone in your party should, ideally, be part of a well-oiled machine; be aware of everyone’s strengths and weaknesses, and plan accordingly
  •  Planning, planning, planning – we suggest you prepare well before attempting the heist; gather information, bribe officials, find allies… or not; there’s nothing stopping you from assaulting the bank straight from the port, just don’t say we didn’t warn you if things go south 
  •  Many NPCs – numerous factions with their own agendas thrive in Moscopolis, and it is up to you to choose friends and foes
  •  Political intrigue – Moscopolitan society is a web of conflicting interests and intrigue, which you will have to navigate if you want to make the job go smoothly 
  •  A living and breathing city – Moscopolis is full of surprises, good, bad, and terrible; there are new possibilities waiting around every corner
  •  Incredible artwork – professionally done art, by our illustrators
  •  Setting open for expansion – if you want to add something during your run of the campaign, go straight ahead; you have our blessing 
  •  Beware of plague and disease – the hygiene in the city’s lower levels is, to put it mildly, not the best; dysentery, bubonic plague, leprosy, venereal diseases are all on the table, and catching them may further complicate your adventure 
  •  Additional activities and minigames – if you so desire, you can indulge in various side activities, such as dice games, betting on or participating in organized brawls in the grimy depths of the Pit; the bank won’t escape anywhere within an evening

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