Wizard Skills

Wizards often have little to contribute at low levels, since they cannot cast very many spells.  They don’t need to be powerful at low levels, because Wizard is an investment class, but players often want their characters to be able to contribute to the success of the party throughout an adventure, rather than just cast their 1, 2, or handful of spells a day.  This supplement adds some extra abilities and skills that Wizards can use without casting spells.  The Game Master may rule that these require magical incantations, gestures, or even other components, but they are not used according to the ordinary spell system.

The Wizard Skills in this supplement are:

#    Wizard Skill    Brief Description
1    Alchemy    Non-magical chemistry
2    Analyze Magic    Identify magic items; learn about magical objects
3    Astronomy    Astronomy, astronomical navigation, and fortunetelling using the stars
4    Detect Magic    Determine if a single item is magical
5    Divination    Fortunetelling with a single medium, such as cards or bones
6    Fabulous Languages    Speak the languages of fabulous creatures
7    Familiar    Acquire a small animal as a familiar
8    Herbalism    Herb lore and medicinal herbalism
9    Lesser Magic Missile    A magical weapon, equivalent to a dagger
10    Read Magic    Read a single spell in a magic book or scroll
11    Stage Illusions    Perform non-magical stage illusions, such as card tricks

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