Toolbox Solo Adventure A2: A Drop of Venom

5e Solo Gamebooks presents A Drop of Venom, a Toolbox Solo Adventure for D&D 5th Edition. This adventure is designed for one PC of level 1-20 or 2 PCs of level 1-15 without a DM. However, a DM may find this useful for running an adventure for 1 or 2 PCs if they haven’t had time to prepare anything. 

What is a Toolbox Solo Adventure? Well, if you’re familiar with our product The Solo Adventurer’s Toolbox you’ll know that solo adventures can be created using random tables to generate wilderness or dungeon settings. That’s what this is – a collection of quest-specific random tables all designed to provide multiple directions and rich detail to this quest, which takes place in a wilderness locale within a non-specific setting that you can drop into any world. 


Several town councilors have been murdered! Poisoned, according to the local coroner. Word has it that a virulent poison has appeared on the local black market, so deadly that even imbibing one drop causes death to most. Interrogation of local black market merchants has revealed that it is being made by a tribe of orcs who live in a nearby wood. They are in league with factions of goblins and hobgoblins. Mayor Durallan asks you to find them and report back, or if you are able, burn their operation to the ground.

This adventure framework is not a fully fleshed-out scenario but rather contains tools to generate multiple paths that the quest could take. As a result no two run-throughs of this adventure can possibly be the same. Choose your quest length, potentially anything up to several hours. A system of clues, discovered throughout the adventure, leads to the uncovering of five possible resolutions to this mystery, with multiple possible final encounters.

This second adventure of our Toolbox Solo Adventures series contains many of the concepts introduced in The Solo Adventurer’s Toolbox, but with a bit more detail fleshed out, and personalized for the particular theme of the adventure. All you will need is 1 or 2 PCs and either some paper to map out your quest or simply your own imagination if you prefer theatre of the mind. Maps are not necessary, although you may find battle maps useful.

So what are you waiting for? Try out this new system of solo adventuring now!

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