Spire of Violet Falls (Astral VTT)

“Spire of Violet Falls” is a two-hour adventure for 1st-level characters, taking those characters to 2nd level.

Long ago, the rock gnome village of Violet Falls was a burgeoning center of quartz and gemstone mining in Blackclaw Mountain. Hidden far from prying eyes, the folk of the village traded their gems with other hidden settlements for iron and brass that they used to build wondrous machines — including a clock said to record all of time.

With the coming of the Grendleroot, Violet Falls was lost and assumed destroyed. But now an undead villain sends his minions out from that lost settlement to attack Deepdelver’s Enclave. The characters are tasked with finding the legendary village, exploring its ruins, and hunting down the evil that now lurks there.

Astral Virtual TableTop

This version of “Spire of Violet Falls” is meant for play on Astral TableTop. The module comes with all the necessary maps and encounters, ready to play, along with an assortment of generic pregenerated 5E characters, all set up for automated rolling and a quick start. The module also offers the Game Master some guidance on playing the scenario on Astral for those new to Astral (or new to virtual tabletops).

After checkout, look for the link to unlock your adventure on Astral. 

You can now find two other Grendleroot adventures, “Call of Starsong Tower” and “Temple of the Forgotten God,” also ready to play on Astral!

About Ruins of the Grendleroot

From the author of the adamantine-best-selling book Return of the Lazy Dungeon Master

Ruins of the Grendleroot is a book of ten short easy-to-run adventures for the fifth edition of the world’s most popular fantasy roleplaying game. Designed for characters of 1st to 5th level, these adventures take place in the caverns, chambers, tunnels, and ruins of the mountain known as Blackclaw, within which lurks the Grendleroot — a strange and otherworldly sentience.

For a thousand thousand years, an ancient entity has been trapped in the heart of a mountain formed from rock not of this world. Over eons, creatures both monstrous and intelligent have explored the endless tunnels, caverns, and chambers of Blackclaw, answering the call of the mysterious entity buried within it. Over long centuries, hundreds of lairs, cities, keeps, prisons, and tombs were established within the mountain, but even those centuries of exploration did not uncover all its secrets.

Then, two centuries ago, the entity now known as the Grendleroot awoke.

Indestructible black spires shot through the rock of the mountain like the roots of a deadly weed, shattering civilizations, burying cities, and exposing caverns long lost. Today, adventurers residing in Deepdelver’s Enclave explore these lost ruins once again. They seek fellow adventurers brave enough to answer the call of Blackclaw, and to seek the mysteries of the Grendleroot.

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