Daniel’s Maps just shared: “Changing things up.”

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We’ve been going with this page for a long time, but recently we seem to have hit a plateau. Right now my income is too dependent on commissions outside of Patreon, which means I can’t offer you all that I’d like.

I’m going to be making some changes in the coming days and weeks to attract more new people and be able to make more awesome maps for you!

These are the changes I’m going to implement for now:

The Squire $1, Duke $5 and King $10 tiers will remain the same, nothing changes for patrons at these tiers!

The Knight $3 tier will receive an additional reward: 1-2 variations of the main map. Think different color scheme, different weather etc. Dukes and Kings also have access to these variations, so indirectly it is additional content for them as well.

Behind the scenes I’ll be making some more changes, but of course you’ll be notified if I do anything that affects you or your pledge.

If you have any tips or feedback, please let me know!

Thanks for your ongoing support, and as always: Happy gaming!



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