Vae Victis Miniatures just shared 9 new images: “”Irya, the Barbarian” and “Zhurk, the Bugbear Chief” (Crossover with Bite the Bullet!)”

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All Patrons from the 5USD and 10USD tiers will get  “Irya, the Barbarian”and “Zhurk, the Bugbear Chief” as extra miniatures!

And since this month is a very special month for them, they’re doing a big 1-year Anniversarysale in MyMiniFactoryand using their BTB1YEAR code you’ll get an exclusive 50% Off Discount on their entire store from today until July 25th.

As part of their Anniversary Surprises, this month only, everyone who supports them in July and stays aboard in August will get their Summer Loyalty Reward for free.

And their anniversary gift also extends to their next Summer Painting Contest where you can win a 3D Printer among other prizes.

Summer Season: July -> August = Free Loyalty Figure and Painting Contest Access !

This month they are releasing Dragonborns!

Their release is currently being worked on but here you can see what they have so far:

They’re Elisa (3D Artist) and Daniel (Printing and Community), two artists from Spain that enjoy creating 3D printable minis to customize your RPG, Board & Tabletop games.
Together they are Bite the Bullet.

After spending some years working in the video games and minis industry, Elisa and Daniel joined forces in order to start their own Patreon journey together!

Now they took this opportunity to sculpt miniatures directly for their supporters and they’re really excited about the idea of creating their own series of miniatures and building a community.

Every month they release a set of miniatures including at least:

– 6+ unique Modular Characters
– 1 Exotic/Pinup (with normal and NSFW versions)
– 1Bust (normal and anatomical)
– 1 Throwback mini (from a previous release)
– 2 extra Crossover minis
– Decorative Scenery
– 1 newstep-by-step Painting Guideevery month
– Access to their Seasonal Painting Contest

Just by joining you’ll also get their Starter Pack,similar to ours, and their Legacy Pack (including their 2 first monthly releases) and you’ll receive their full collection of Painting Guides!

They have a Seasonal System (Loyalty) where they release an Exclusive Figure every season that’s free for those who supported them during all 3 months (this time being just 2!).

BTB are climbing to their 1000 Patron Goal!

They’re just celebrating their 1-year Anniversary, so there is a chance that you don’t know them yet, go check out Bite the Bullet and if you like what you see … consider supporting them as well!

Go check all their models at their BTB Instagram!

And if you like any of their previous releases, maybe take a look at their BTB MyMiniFactory!

And don’t forget to use their exclusive BTB1YEAR discount code (50%).

Here you have “Irya, the Barbarian”, one of their Tribal miniatures and “Zhurk, the Bugbear Chief”, both of these miniatures have detailed set-by-step Painting Guides, available just by joining their Patreon.

Click on the links below to get acces to the  folders :

* $5 TIER *

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