Calimport and the Skyfire Wastes: A Guide for Games in the Calim Desert

Explore an elementally-blasted wasteland formed from thousands of years of feuding genies. Discover ancient ruins and priceless relics lost to the sands of time. Embark on an adventure worthy of inclusion to the One Thousand and One Long Rests. Ally yourself with powerful Calishite pashas in a bid for the future of Calimport—City of Glory.

Calimport and the Skyfire Wastes: A Guide for Games in the Calim Desert is a 105-page sourcebook which expands upon the current affairs of the fan-favorite region of Faerûn, barely touched upon in the fifth edition of the Dungeons & Dragons roleplaying game. Calishites have finally won their freedom after a violent revolution, killing or exiling their genasi murabirs. Chaos reigns in Calimport as several factions vie for power in a new, still-forming government. This sourcebook presents content both DMs and players will find useful for creating campaigns set in the region, including:

  • Character creation options for the Skyfire Wastes setting, specifically: race/lineage, background, and optional class features
  • New subclasses for the druid, paladin, and rogue
  • Group Patrons and example patron quests appropriate to the region
  • An overview of Calimport, as well as each of its 17 wards and 53 sabbans
  • Calimport factions, unique NPCs, and example urban quests
  • Descriptions of other Calishite cities, ruins, and adventure locations in the Calim Desert
  • Wasteland navigation and desert hazards
  • Wasteland encounters and descriptions
  • DM tools for player engagement, theme, and flavoring desert stories.
  • New magic items, desert creatures and NPCs

So, what are you waiting for, sadidrifi? Get out there and comb the desert for adventure in this sourcebook for the world’s greatest roleplaying game!

Updating Conventions of Previous Editions:

Some of the source material the author researched for this guide was published in an era of D&D which has drawn much-lauded criticism for its cultural insensitivity and lack of inclusion/representation. The author has strived to present this slice of the Forgotten Realms with the same approach as fifth edition’s most-recent publications and offers non-canonical suggestions for improvement.

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