Gods of Sundara (5E)

There are a thousand faiths across the world of Sundara, and each congregation believes they have been given a glimpse of the truth that lies behind the material world. They have heard the voices of the gods, and they do their best to carry out the will of these deities. Some few followers are even filled with the power of their gods, allowed to take a small fragment of their energies to go out into the world to work their gods’ wills.

Beyond the Material Plane lies the Prim; the realm of magic, and the place where those who call themselves gods dwell. These beings are many. Some are great, some are small, and some appear to mortals in different guises, wearing different Faces. The Pillars of their belief always shine through, though, and while their servants might know them by different names, and exalt them in different tongues, there is one truth that all in Sundara know.

The gods are real.

Gods of Sundara is an introduction to the cosmos of Sundara, and how it differs from many traditional fantasy RPGs. This supplement can be used with other games, and contains the following sections:

  • Adjusting to a cosmos without alignment
  • The Thousand Faces of The Gods
  • The Five Pillars (and their function as guiding principles for divine servants)
  • 10 gods as a sample pantheon
  • This PDF supports Adobe layers and the page backgrounds and images can be disabled to make printing easier.

Two pages are the front and rear covers, one the front matter, one the Table of Contents, one is ads and one the Open Game License.

This supplement is also available in a version for the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game.

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