Paper Mage just shared: “Release the Mimics! (Character Set)”

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Here are the download links for each tier (remember that for tiers 1 and above, you have to be logged into Patreon, otherwise the link wont work)

  • Free: Toilet Mimic (front view)

There’s a special gift from Paper Realms for Tiers 1 and above: papercraft Tables and chairs (so you can use them as disguised mimics!). You can get TONS of props and terrain in Paper Realms DriveThruRPG store, so make sure to check it out and also, support them on Patreon

🎁📣IMPORTANT: from now on, I will:

  • release tokens with the color variations of the characters (but with one background color, though)
  • release the color variations high resolution art for the Shamrock tier and above.
  • removing the white outline from the cutfiles

Thanks for your support and take care! 🧙‍♂️


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