The Blood: Dracula

In the western world, one of the first vampires that most people think of is Dracula. Sure, pop culture provides more modern takes, of varying quality, but when one thinks of the archetype that the modern vampire is predicated on, most will look back towards the Impaler.

Within the world of The Blood, however, things are a little different for him. Driven away from his home long ago, he nonetheless spreads the teachings of the Scholomance of old, taking on students every seven years and choosing one among them to share the Blood with, creating a new fledgling of his bloodline.

This mini-supplement (which can be used with The Blood’s Quickstart) contains:

  • A brief recent history of Dracula, including facts and myths about his powers and weaknesses
  • A character sheet for use by Narrators (or particularly ambitious players)
  • A brand new cult that any vampire can join: The Scholomance.

This product is priced at $1.99


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