The Fallen Golem

It’s a simple quest: 
Head to the remains of a giant golem that recently surfaced. Go inside, retrieve the powerful gem that once powered the behemoth and get out alive. Should be straight forward and easy, at least that is what the wizard said.

Never trust a wizard.

A giant metallic golem was recently uncovered during an earthquake and rumors have gotten back to a wizard that a powerful gem lies within. He is looking to hire a crew to retrieve the gem. Should be simple, but probably is not, you know how wizards are. 

The Fallen Golem is a 16 page adventure in zine format suitable for any OSR table-top role playing game (written and stated for Old School Essentials).  A few different versions of the zine are provided in PDF format for printing or viewing digitally, also included is a high quality map in PNG format.

This product is priced at $2.00


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