Veratrem’s Tribal Siege – a Storm King’s Thunder adventure

This adventure is designed for the Storm King’s Thunder campaign and is intended to give your players extra content during Chapter 3.
It will bring your party to Wealdham, a small town located in the Westwood.
There, they will face off with Veratrem, a young green dragon that has taken control of a local kobold tribe.
If the adventurers think they can easily take the weak creatures, they have a surprise coming to them…

Veratrem’s Tribal Siege is a 5-8 hour adventure for Tier 2 Characters (optimized for APL 6). It has enough material for 1-2 full sessions, depending on how thorough your party is.
Alternatively, Veratrem’s Tribal Siege works very well as a standalone adventure for players who are not familiar with Storm King’s Thunder at all.

In addition to the full-color 33-page adventure you will also receive:

  • A printer-friendly version
  • High-Res Hill Giants’ Checkpoint map
  • High-Res Wealdham town map
  • High-Res Verdantskin Lair lower level map
  • High-Res Verdantskin Lair upper level map
  • Instructions for using the maps in your favorite Virtual Tabletop application

Veratrem’s Tribal Siege was playtested extensively and the current version is the result of the feedback of all participating players.


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This product is priced at $4.95


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