50 Visitors of the Village 3

50 Visitors of the Village 3
This list provides 50 different travelers that you might find visiting a fantasy hamlet, village, town, or city. Some folk are innocent and seeking to do business while others are guilty of crimes or fleeing an undesirable situation. Each listing provides the visitor’s name (typically first name and surname), gender, a role/occupation/class, a brief general description, and a bit of a background story.

Sample Rolls:
05-06    Balzor the Crazed (Male, Wizard, Description: Blind in right eye, Story: Entered town four moons ago mumbling to himself. Mostly stays holed up in his rented inn room.)
23-24    Denri Godefroy (Female, Wine Maker, Description: Fiery red hair and a temper to match, Story: Looking to sell a few remaining barrels off her wagon before heading back home.)
51-52    Kando Lostbridge (Male, Traveling Butcher, Description: Scarred head, Story: Arrived with a cart full of seasoned dragon meat that he is looking to sell rather quickly.)
61-62    Liebin Braush (Male, Porter, Description: Has numerous different tattoos, some are symbolic, Story: Arrived with a group of merchants from a foreign land. Chose to stay behind.)
81-82    Randal Oakwaters (Male, Hunter, Description: Dark haired and lean, Story: Arrived into town yesterday evening with smoked meats and tanned hides to sell.)

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