Covenant of the Khybermarked (Fantasy Grounds)


Murder is no stranger to Sharn. When suspicions fall upon the wayward scion of a powerful house, the adventurers join a race to reveal the motives behind the madness.

Is he the cause of the tragedy that befell his family, or is the tragedy the cause of the grisly turn of events?

As the adventurers struggle to track down a killer, they forebodingly unveil a deeper evil driving his seeming madness.

Is the macabre murder and skinning of Baswell d’Cannith only the beginning?

Does Eberron lie on the cusp of a new War of the Mark?

 This adventure is the first of a three-part series of adventures set in Khorvaire that thrusts characters headlong into affairs of a sinister and stygian force bent on overturning the balance of power in Eberron.