Darklords & Domains: Maligno and Odiare

This is Odiare, the domain where all toys come to life. Unlike Toy Story though, these toys do not look for joy but to possess your body while your soul enters a wooden doll. Odiare is ruled by Maligno, an evil marionette who could easily be the evil distant relative of Pinocchio.

This supplement is a sample of the upcoming “Book of Darklords & Domains”. This is a July special sample before the release of the big book. 

Inside you will find:

  • Lore and information for the domain of dread, Odiare,  such as population, settlements, important landmarks, local fauna and flora and so much more.
  • Artwork, lore and ways to confront Maligno.
  • Two new monsters, Zac-the-Box and Carrionettes.
  • Two new spells. 

This product is priced at $1.95


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