Heroic Paragon Epic: Primal Spirit

Back in 4th Edition Dungeons & Dragons, there was a system that allowed you to gain racial or class-type specific abilities at 5th, 10th, and 15th level. These were the Heroic, Paragon, and Epic levels which are commonly used today to delineate the “Tiers” of adventure and gameplay in 5th Edition D&D: Heroic is 5th level, Paragon is 10th level, and Epic is 15th level.

Being that 4e was my introduction to Dungeons & Dragons, I wanted to find a way to bring this fun system back to life, so I decided to create a gestalt tree for each different bundle of classes – Martial, Divine, Arcane, and Primal – to give them some more roleplay flavor. In this book, you will find the three trees built for primal characters – druids, barbarians, and sorcerers – which will grant them unique and powerful abilities.

Please note that this book DOES INCREASE the power levels and player potential for primal classes, so keep this in mind when designing encounters as a Dungeon Master. As a player however, make sure to incorporate these trees into your character in an in-depth way; from backstory to development.

The Primal HPES System

The HPES trees for Primal-based classes are split into three separate gestalt trees: Feral Bloodline, Animal Totem, and Nature’s Foundling. They keep true to the concepts at the core of a sorcerer, druid, or barbarian, but add a little power boost and more roleplay flavor.

Feral Bloodline. The Feral Bloodline HPES tree shows a Primal player who has truly accepted the beast within and revels in this. They use their bond with the pure bestial energies within them to fuel their combat and magics.

Animal Totem. The Animal Totem HPES tree displays a Primal player that embraced the true spirituality and harmony of the beasts around them to draw knowledge and learning from, creating totems to siphon and draw upon those powers.

Nature’s Foundling. The Nature’s Foundling HPES tree is that which a Primal player follows who was lost and rediscovered themselves within the gentle grasp of the wild. They were once broken and lost, but now are found and reinvented.


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