Oh My, Khosht! – for M!M!

Oh My, Khosht!  – it’s a mini solo and two gm adventures for Monsters! Monsters!

This brand new mini-solo pits the new bat-trolls against the patrons of the Ruptured Troll Inn, a dive bar in Khosht near the docks. Will you be able to help the monsters? And if so – which ones will you help? You can play one of the well-known patrons from the bar, or create your own monster to adventure in this mini-solo by Ken St Andre.

We are also including the rare bonus pages from the Monsters! Monsters Hardcover edition, with Ken St Andre’s Murder at the Ruptured Troll short story, along with the character stats and maps of the Inn, plus scenario suggestions so you can run GM adventures at the Ruptured Troll and in Khosht. 

PLUS you get the short Bat-Troll gm adventure by Steve Crompton, the M!M! Character sheets (both versions) chracter portraits and some bonus art. 32 pages with art by Steve Crompton and Phil Longmeirer.

This product is priced at $5.00


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