Psionic Lineages

Psionics are an elusive, much sought after force spawned from ages of training and patience. Some, however, are born predisposed to such powers. Though psionics are magic adjacent, they are akin to supernatural gifts either given or earned.

This document includes three psionic lineage options for player characters in 5e:

• Arcspawn
• Mystic
• Psiblood


These are brand new even for my players, and they still require a ton of testing. If for some insane reason another DM allows this nonsense, I would suggest limiting it to a one-shot or shorter campaign until further testing. 

Thank You, Seriously

I put a lot of time into this stuff, mostly for my own players. That said, engaging with the incredible community on DMs Guild and the D&D community as a whole has been unlike any other experience. As always, any feedback on my work is much appreciated. It helps me, my players, and anyone else crazy enough to use the ridiculous things I have the privilege to make. Thank you for your support!


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