The Summoning

Yesterday, the Ordo Magica in Thistle Hold received a messenger pigeon from an outpost in Davokar, set up to research the local flora, with the message ‘Under attack. Abominations. Send Help!’. You are part of the team assembled by the Order to visit the outpost, investigate the situation, and secure the safety of the researchers.

Nearing the outpost you are attacked out of nowhere by deformed blight-born forest creatures, apparently acting in unison in a surprise attack. The fight is a chaotic blur which leaves a number of your team killed, just a small handful managing to escape to the safety of the outpost.

Somehow you force open the palisade door, run inside and close and secure it behind you.

The beasts are snarling, growling and yelping outside, but seem unable to enter the compound. Going back out there isn’t an option. For now, you’re stuck here…

The Summoning is intended as a one-shot, suitable for convention play, and for players new to Symbaroum. It can played in 3 hours – or in 2 hrs if required by omitting the first suggested scene.

It can also be easily be added into a longer campaign – for instance it would fit well between the sections of the Copper Crown, once the characters have arrived in Thistle Hold.

5 pregenerated characters are included

This product is priced at $3.95


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