Vaesen – Hanstholm Lighthouse – An Alternative Base

Hanstholm Lighthouse is an alternate base for Vaesen – Nordic Horror Roleplaying introducing a new headquarters for The Society to use as an alternate or a temporary base of operations. 

The lighthouse lies in Jutland, Denmark, far from major cities in an old land, that once was ruled by powerful beings whose presence is still felt. Who raised the lighttower and to what purpose is a mystery, but they did pass it on to The Society.

Hanstholm Lighthouse can function both as a new headquarter or as a temporary one. There are rules and tips on how to use the base, and with the supplement follows new Upgrades, Personnel and Contacts. For the gamemaster is a set of Threats to inspire new trouble.

The mystery The King and The Lighthouse takes place at Hanstholm and tells a story of the Society might acquire the place.

The coasts near the lighthouse are haunted by The Strandvarsler.

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