100 Fantasy Biomes 4

100 Fantasy Biomes 4
This list provides a hundred different locations for a big fantasy map. Included in each entry is name of location (which indicates biome/location type) as well as a descriptor that could be a lead in for an interesting encounter, adventure hook, source of treasure, community to visit, etc.

Example Rolls:
1    Anchor Rock Coastal Marsh (burial site of a disgraced paladin turned coastal pirate)
27    Elkibia Forest (shambling mossy creatures that blend in with the surrounding environment)
49    Island Chain of Golaza (psychotropic flowers)
55    Kenwick Gully (jagged rock formations that emit streaks of weird glowing light under a full moon)
87    Volcano of Britholte (transformed creatures that appear unaffected by lava, fire, and heat)

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