Hex Vaults: Map art

Many web sites sell fancy wooden dice vaults with very serious looking dragons carved into rare, dark wood. If you scratch mine, you owe me $80.

But, what if you want to give your DM a dice vault that shows off some old school maps?  This set includes four amazing maps released by Dyson Logos and remixed to wrap around the top and sides of the vault.

Our hex vaults are easy to make and allow full customization.  Use the provided map art, choose fancy papers, or search for character portraits on the Internet.

This is a completely new papercraft design that gives more space for more dice and more surface area for more art.


  • Palm-sized hex boxes hold about 30 dice, tokens, cube minis, or other small items.
  • Multi-layer cardstock construction is tough enough for travel on the material plane.
  • Optional band closes the vault securely, and gives more room for art or attitude.
  • Add felt or craft foam to make a cozy home for precious dice
  • Step-by-step instructions so everyone can make one.

Game Night Advantages

  • Make a few to add serious attitude to your personal dice sets.  Or, think of a theme and gift matching vaults to everyone in your group.
  • Personalized designs make game night feel immersive and intimate rather than store-bought.
  • Let your players take them home as an unique and memorable keepsake.
  • Show off some RPG style at home, school, or office.  Maybe a picture of a mimic will keep your roommate away from your laundry machine quarters.

Hex Vaults Hex Vaults

Hex Vaults Hex Vaults

Hex Vaults Hex vaults

Hex Vaults Hex Vaults 

Hex Vaults divider

Hex Vaults demo

Hex Vault instructions

Ancient trees cry out:
Why use rare wood for a box,
When paper serves well?

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