You are trapped by the Illithid-Lich!

Has it been a long time since the last game?
Amaze your players.
Without explaining anything, start the game by handing out to your players tablets of playable characters of small children (zero level).
Now they are 9-13 year old orphans living and working in an orphanage isolated from the rest of the world.
But what is it – why are they playing as a kids?

In fact, the heroes fell into the clutches of the monstrous Illithid Lich, who placed them in an illusory world – blocking their memories.
The monstrous creature has been experimenting for many years. It tries to create a collective mind. Unsuccessful so far.
The world where the heroes have gone – is the consciousness of one of the Lich’s oldest victims.
It is to him that Illithid connects new victims.
Will the heroic nature be able to break through the blocked memories? Will the kids have the courage to face the truth?

Fast and Exciting adventure for group of 1 – 5 adventurers level 5 – 10 (customizable).
For 2-5 game hours.

This adventure can be easily integrated into your current campaign or played as a one-shot.

The module is designed to give players an interesting role-playing experience with a moral dilemma at the end of the adventure.

Adventure written in Russian and translated into English – by KSM team


This product is priced at $1.95


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